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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 12'    Proven protection, award-winning solutions - fulfill all your security needs with software from Kaspersky!

        Note: Kaspersky allows a 30 day trial period, so you can try before you buy

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                                   Free Anti-Theft for Laptops and PCs: Worldwide tracking and recovery.  Easy to install.lock

Now available for Android devices!

Free Service! Geolocate, Webcam, Screenshot etc.

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product1    Tune up your PC with Advanced System Care

   Maintain and tune up your PC completely and in-depth. Includes: Full Malware Removal, Deep    Registry Fix, Registry Defrag, System Optimization, Startup Optimization, Shortcut Fix, Privacy    Sweep, Junk Files Clean, Security Defense, Disk Scan, Vulnerability Fix, and Disk Defragment.



   Free version available by clicking on "Downloads" at bottom of vendor window




System Mechanic:  Download (Free trial available)
Tunes up your PC. Almost like having a built-in technician!


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Open source software - it's free!

Openoffice  -  Substitute for MS Office

Spybot SD  - Get rid of nasty spyware

Malwarebytes - Get rid of nasty spyware

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner            


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