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  • ANTI-THEFT- Tracking software for your PC or laptop.

    FIREWALL- blocks electronic intruders

    INTRUSION DETECTION - 85% of intrusions go undetected*.

    ENCRYPTION- Important files and data can be protected by various levels of encryption.

    PHYSICAL SECURITY- If a thief breaks into you home or office, one of the first things they will go after is your computer. It takes about 5 seconds to disconnect and remove it. We can help you decide and show you ways to make it not worth the thieves time to try.

    UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY  (UPS)- The solution to power problems (not to be confused with surge suppressors, which are only a partial and imperfect solution).

    STATIC ELECTRICITY-The solutions for static problems are proper grounding of the system. Proper power outlets and things such as static mats under the computer, keyboard and your office chair.

    BACKUP- Backup of critical data is extremely important. Many methods exist ranging from floppy disks, to USB flash drives, external hard drives, CD's, DVD's and Online methods. Tape Backup which has fallen out of favour for single computers, is still used to backup servers where the amounts of data can be huge. We recommend a combination of local as well as Online Backup for single computers and small networks. More Info

    VIRUSES- Originally a virus was a piece of rogue computer code, which was inserted into an unused portion of a file. Today we also have WORMS and TROJAN HORSES which are newer forms. Other variants are BOOT SECTOR VIRUSES and MACRO WORD VIRUSES. Spyware is another form of gremlin which can disrupt a computers functionality. All computer viruses are man-made. More Info

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