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Virtual On-site (Remote Assistance)


Having trouble with your computer? Wouldn't it be nice to have a technician "beamed" into your office or home to assess and/or fix the problem?
Recent technological advances mean that Adare IT, now has the capability to access your computer remotely, to examine it's configuration, run diagnostics, etc. This can be a cost-effective method of resolving problems, as it eliminates the cost of having a technician travel on-site.
It does require that you have a reasonably functional high-speed internet connection, without which this technology will not function.
This does not mean that we have the ability to spy on you. In fact, only the end user can initiate the process, under the direction of a technician. The end user (you) can terminate the session at any time.

This technology is very secure (in fact it uses 128 bit SSL encryption, as used in internet banking) because it has to be initiated by the end user, can be terminated at any time.

You need to download, install, and run this small program before you contact us for support Remote Access In case of any difficulty or questions, please call us at 613-596-1312




Q. What is “virtual on-site”? 
A. “Virtual on-site” is just like having a technician come to your home or office, but it is done using your high speed internet connection.


Q. What are the benefits? 
A. Lower cost, quicker response. Because there is no traveling involved, you save on a technician’s travel time. Very often, when physically on-site, a technician spends time unproductively waiting for diagnostic tests and scans to complete. With Virtual On-site the technician can leave tests running on your computer, and go on to other tasks. You only pay for the actual “hands-on” time, billed in ¼ hour increments. A side benefit is the saving in gasoline, which saves both dollars and the environment.


Q. What is required at my end? 
A. All you need is a Windows based computer, running any version of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7, and a functioning high-speed internet connection.


Q. How does it work? 
A. The process must be initiated by the end-user (you). First you will need to download and run this small program:- Remote Access. A window will open with 2 tabs, "Access" and "Share". You will need to click on "Share" which produces a 12 digit code which you must give to the support technician. Once the connection is completed, the technician has full control of your computer, and can examine configurations, run diagnostics etc. 


Q. How secure is it? 
A. Very secure. We use 128 bit SSL encryption, which is the same as used for internet banking. If you are comfortable doing internet banking, you will be happy with this. An important point to note is that because the process must be initiated by the customer, and can be terminated at any time by the customer, nobody can gain unauthorized access to your machine.


Q. In what geographic area does this work? 
A. World-wide. Any computer with functional internet access can use this.


Q. How do I pay for this? 
A. We accept advance block-time payments, for which we give a 10% discount, amounts of $500.00 minimum. You may also pay by credit card, and pay as you go. There is a $10.00 access fee, after which you will be billed $22.00 per ¼ hour increment, minimum charge $32.00.


Q. What if problems cannot be resolved this way?
A. In a few cases, e.g. defective hard disk, it may not be possible to resolve a problem remotely, especially if hardware needs to be replaced. In such cases, we will allow a 50% credit of amounts billed using Virtual On-site, when the computer is brought to us for repair, or we have to go on-site physically.


  Any questions? Need more info? Or to set up an appointment please call: (613) 596-1312 or Email Us

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